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This page was last modified on Sunday, July 10, 2016 07:31:59 PM

Zara Botterell * * * * *

Thank you so much Pete! You have taken me from zero to hero!
I would recommend Pete 110%. I came to Pete after being in a serious car crash so was naturally very anxious about learning to drive. But Pete's calm, positive, reassuring and most importantly patient approach to teaching was fantastic. He made me feel at ease in the car and has helped me become a confident driver.
He teaches you to become a safe and confident driver for life!


Nadia Samir Abu Sakran*****

Thank you so much Peter for teaching me everything I needed to pass, and drive as a safe driver. I honestly couldn't imagine any better instructor and friend, and your calm and kind way of teaching definitely beat the rest of the instructors I tried by far! Thanks again, couldn't have done this without you Would 110% recommend Peter to any learner.

Shannon Leigh-Jones * * * * *

Thank you so much for everything Pete! You've taught me so much! I will definitely be recommending you to people! Thankyou again! Xx 

Shane Treneary * * * * *

Thank you Pete, you did a grand job teaching Jade and Nick to drive :) x

Dan West * * * * *

Thank you Pete! Passed first time! and picked up some valuable driving tips That'll keep me safe through my driving career! I'd recommend Pete to anyone! Fantastic instructor!

Katie Williams * * * * *

thank u pete for all your help. I couldn't of done it with out u. thank you for everything take care Katie  

Celeste Magpie Gall * * * * *

I started driving with Pete at the beginning of May 2013 as someone who had never driven before. Pete was methodical, down to earth and made you feel at ease - we also had a good old laugh! I took my test at the beginning of December and passed first time! I have to thank Pete for putting up with me, especially when I was being ditzy and getting my left and rights confused!
Thanks again Pete - you are awesome

Andy Powlesland * * * * *
A huge thank you peter for getting me through my test, i have to say your teaching was "spot on" disciplined, structured, organised and with a very tactful but assertive approach. needless to say i will be recommending you to anybody who needs to learn to drive! and also i have gained a good friend along the way! Thumbs up mateA huge thank you peter for getting me through my test, i have to say your teaching was "spot on" disciplined, structured, organised and with a very tactful but assertive approach. needless to say i will be recommending you to anybody who needs to learn to drive! and also i have gained a good friend along the way! Thumbs up mate

Charlotte Metters * * * * *
Before i went with Focus on driving i learnt to drive with another instructor and it put me off driving. i stopped for a while but i knew i had to get back in. i got petes number from a friend and called him up. he fit me in straight away and within a couple of days i had booked some lessons. pete made me feel at ease and all my lessons were fun. i looked forward to driving with such a friendly and patient driving instructor. i would reccommend pete to anyone and have already told a few friends about him. i never though i would pass my test and did, first time as well! Thankyou soooooooo much pete! i couldnt of asked for a better instructor! xxx

Danielle Raymont * * * * *

Pete has been an outstanding driving instructor - he's so calm and reassuring. Pete made driving lessons a really enjoyable experience. Although i didn't pass my test first time it was Pete's reassurance and patience that got me there in the end! We've had such a laugh along the way and i can honestly say i couldn't have wished for a better instructor!

Thankyou Pete!!!

Rebecca Pike * * * * *
Look no further, you have found the BEST driving instructor around! Pete is an amazing teacher - so friendly, calm, patient and he made my driving lessons so enjoyable that I even travelled from London to be taught by him.
Pete - I can't thank you enough and I am looking forward to seeing you when I do my pass plus!
Thank you thank you again so much

April Angilley * * * * *
I was lucky enough to be recommended Peter by a friend and am very grateful for everything he has helped me achieve over the past few months. He was very paitent, kind and always gave me courage and confidence and i would wholeheartedly pass on the recommendation to others. Thankyou thankyou thankyou!

Leanne Edwards * * * * *
Pete is a great driving instructor. I'd previously learn't with a different instructor and failed my first test because of nerves and I'd picked up a few bad habits but Pete helped me to stay calm and relax while driving and helped me get rid of those bad habits I'd learned. I passed my second test because of Pete's professional and calm tuition and we had some laughs along the way which made it a more enjoyable experience. Thankyou Pete :)

Tamsin Amy Williams
* * * * *
The whole 6 months of my learning experience was absolutely amazing and driving is made fun + safe at the same time. Pete is a lovely calm instructor and does not make driving a worry at all. Thankyou so much for teaching me, I couldnt have done it without you Pete :D

George Turner* * * * *
No idea how you stay so calm, and your ability to calm others is extraordinary. A five star driving instructor and one i would certainly recomend.
Thanks Pete
(good luck with sam)

Lucy Gilbert* * * * *

I had an awesome time learning to drive with pete he was my 2nd driving instructor and it took a bit of push and shove to get me out as i was a nervous driver at first, but pete is awesome always encouraging and really makes you feel confident. im very glad i learnt to drive with focus on driving so many laughs pete is a great person and great instructor.. i couldnt of asked for a better instructor and i wouldnt of done it with out him. =D

Lottie Hinton
* * * * *
I've had such a great time driving with Peter. I'd had 3 instructors before choosing Focus on Driving and and had booked 3 tests but had never felt confident enough to take them. As soon as I started driving with Peter I felt relaxed and confident in my ability, he was very encouraging and full of praise. Learning with Focus on Driving made driving a much more enjoyable experience for me :)

Matthew Rousell
* * * * *
Many thanks to Pete, in the last 4 months he has tought me to drive and today I took my test and sailed through it as nervous as I was, I did it but without Pete who's not only an excellent driving instructer has also become a good friend of mine I would never of done it without him, he really believed in me. Thanks also much mate. Cheers Mat.

Amber Cowburn
* * * * *
When I turned 17,
I questioned whether or not to learn to drive after a family tragedy the week before, but Pete was understanding and kind, and it was his patience & good teaching that got me through.
I took my time learning, and never felt pressured or out of my depth- despite being the girl who had no idea what the gears on a bike did!
I am so proud to have passed first time, and love the freedom I know have!
Thank you so much to Pete, who's gentle, ecouraging teacher manner taught a very fragile me how to feel completely safe and completely comfortable on the roads. And you never know, he may even buy you a cup of tea on the day of your test!!
I would recommend him to ANYONE, his pass rate & sparkling reviews speak for
Thanks Pete x

Zoe Spriggs
* * * * *
Pete is an excellent driving instructor, in just 5 days i went from not knowing which pedal did what to passing my test! he gave me so much confidence and made things seem so clear. i would highly recommend Pete to anyone looking to learn to drive and have a few smiles and a laugh at the same time.

Dr Catherine Clark * * * * *

Pete even managed to teach an old dog new tricks, with many laughs along the way. I was certainly not a natural driver, but I feel like one now! I cannot recommend him highly enough


Camellia Bullingham * * * * *

Couldn't ask for a better instructor wouldn't have passed first time if it wasn't for Pete! takes away any nerves making learning to drive an enjoyable experience would recommend to anyone, always up for a laugh so thanks Pete! :)



Seb Clark * * * * *

Pete is a great driving instructor, really helpful and patient. I would recommend him to anyone who is learning to drive, if they're looking for a first driving instructor, or if they are trying to find a new one to help them. Thanks Pete :).


Michael Clifford * * * * *

Pete gives great tuition, and has a good knowledge of what he teaches :). I would definitely recommend to anyone! It was an enjoyable and relatively stress free experiance, as much as learning to drive can be anyway. All the previous reviews basicly say it all :). Thanks again!



David Pender * * * * *

Peter your the best, thank you for a wonderful week and your professional teaching in helping me gain the key to life..



Carly Purvis * * * * *

:) passed my driving test finally after 5 years of on and off tuition with differant instructors pete finally got me through it. thank you so much. definatly recommend to all learners in cornwall x



Erica Heslop-George * * * * *
Pete is such a great instructor... patient and made you feel really comfortable in the car :D I would recommend to everyone!!! Thankyou so much, I'll miss having you in the car!! :D

Bianca Scott * * * * *
What an AMAZING driving instructor! Pete was my thrid instructor, and have been driving since January. After the first two, i thought i had no hope driving with a reliable, instructor, untill Pete came along! Every lesson was comfortable and fun with lots of laughs! :) I'm going to miss him in the car with me, but he has taught me so much - 'only a foul will break a 2 second rule'. :) Haha! I have always thought and would never imagen myself to pass first time but i did! So a MASSIVE thank you to Pete, i would recommend him to anyone! 10/10 for sure. :)

Rebecca Phillips
* * * * *

Learning to drive with Pete was such a great experience! every lesson was relaxed and enjoyable and we had a lot of laughs! he never gets angry or impatient and takes everything one step at a time, making the whole experience easy and fun! would definetly recommend him to anyone, any age :)



Claire Marriss * * * * *

I did an intensive course whilst on leave and passed with a lot of confidence. He is very patient with you and fun to learn with. Had lots of fun and laughter whilst driving as he keeps you at ease. Also, did Pass Plus and he made it enjoyable and learned a lot. Recommend to any learner driver. Thanks again!! :)



Ieuan Williams * * * * *

I can't believe I passed so quickly. Such a good teacher and I had a great time learning. We also had a few jokes about football which was very funny. Would recommend Focus on Driving to any learner driver.



Charlotte Reardon * * * * *

 Pete was my third driving instructor, I didn't find learning to drive easy and I found it hard to find someone who understood the way that I learnt best, the first two instructors I found were quite patronising and I'd dread each lesson; it is an intense environment sitting in a car for 1-2 hours with someone you are not comfortable with. Then I found Pete, I was impressed how he made me feel confident straight away and that matters alot! I looked forward to each lesson. He taught me good driving tips for life not just the test, all the little sayings that you'll always remember 'assume makes an ass out of U and ME!' Lol but most of all he always believed in me even when I didn't believe in myself! Thanks Pete :)


Will Chaplin * * * * *

Had a great time learning to drive with pete, Very friendly and patient and never ever gets angry (: very flexible with lessons and i could plan them when ever i wanted, this made learning to drive very easy. I would strongly recommend Pete, He taught in such a professional and relaxed way which took away any nerves i had! Had such a great time learning to drive, its a shame its over in a way! Thanks Pete (:


Holly Batchelor * * * * *

‎10/10 Instructor. I Have Always Been Nervous, Especially With Driving. My Old Instructor Had To Go Away, And I Thought I Would Never Pass My Test. However, I Found Pete About A Month Later, And Now I Have Passed :D. He Makes You Feel Totally Relaxed When Driving, He Lets You Plan Your Lessons When It Suits You, So I Was Able To Do Them In My Frees At College. Hes The Best Instructor Ever And I Would Definately Recommend Him To Everyone!! Thanks Pete :D


Jess MacKay * * * * *

 I have been learning to drive for 5 years on and off and have been through a handful of driving instructors and never found one i clicked with. My first driving test with Pete I passed. He is truely awesome- i used to be a nervous driver but he put me at ease after my first lesson. You really won't regret your decision to chose pete he will get you through as soon as you are ready and you will definately have a few laughs a long the way!


Thomas George Goodman * * * * *

I had been struggling to learn to drive for atleast three maybe four years, and then I found pete. He gave me a lot of help when it came to driving and both of the tests. He is able to work your lessons around you, and it's great that he's very flexible. I even managed to do a Night driving lesson, which I really enjoyed. so even though it's been almost two years since I passed my driving test, I would like to thank Pete for all of his help, his laughs and like many other people who have commented on this page, I would reccomend Pete to anybody who is serious about learning to drive, you will have some laughs and above all you will have a great time driving.


Charlie Nicholls * * * * *

You couldn't wish for a better instructor. I would never have passed if it wasn't for Pete and i would recommend him to anyone! Pete is one of the nicest people i have met and you will have a right laugh :)


Jannine Coton * * * * *

I previously have learnt to drive with a different instructor a few years back, but due to being profoundly deaf I lost confidence in learning to drive due to communications and it came to a halt.
However, with encouragement I started going out again. Because I cannot hear or lipread when actually driving, Dad used signals and basic ...signs (choosing signs that I was happy to use) while I drove which would allow me to have a lesson with confidence.
A lot of patience, time and wise words on his behalf has seen me through to passing my test for which I am very grateful.
I would recommend to anyone that wants to learn to drive.


Ainslie Mackey * * * * *

Every single person i know that is looking for a driving instructor i would suggest pete! Really nice guy and made learning to drive more fun and less stressful. I was desperate to pass and pete knew that and with his help i passed in two months!! When it came to the test i felt confident and calm. I definately would recommend!!


Fran Foard * * * * *

The worlds number one driving instructor ..would recomment peter to anyone!..even though i failed my theory 4times i flyed though my driving test and thats all thanks to peter!! always makes sure your okay with what you doing and never makes you do anything you dont want to!makes sure he can fit yor lessons around when it fit...s you best. i would deffitantly say go driving with peter!! thank you 4 teaching me 2 drive

Charlotte Smart * * * * *

Peter is such a great instructor, who gives so much help and advice throughout every lesson. He makes you feel really relaxed and comfortable whilst driving, which is so important when you're learning to drive, and we have a LOT of laughs too!! The fees are very reasonable, and the lesson times are very flexible which is really helpful because i can schedule lessons around college times. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking for an instructor. Thankyou Pete! Charlotte (toots) ;) xx



Matt Vessey * * * * *

peter is a truly amazing instructor, i thought id have a lot more trouble especially with my test and peter made me feel as if i was well and truly capable, lots of words of wisdom and fantastic driving tuition helped me a lot and got me through with no problems at all
thanks a lot peter :D